This Is Up With America

Deciding on the subject of my very first Blog Post here on the ever-changing, ever-improving home of Up With America was surprisingly easy: All I had to do was to remember with pride my late father … a beautiful man in every way, but to me and many others, the very symbol of America’s Greatest Generation. A humble but successful husband, father, businessman, community servant and man of great Faith, Don P. Herron had a drawer full of hidden treasures – all the medals he had earned as a Hump Pilot flying across the dangerous Himalayas in WWII. My father defined the typical American Veteran, as Major Pete Hegseth said: “You don’t fight because you hate what’s in front of you, you fight because you love what’s behind you!”
The organizers and members of Up With America believe the time for talking is over. It’s time to DO SOMETHING! And while you’ll find (and are invited to add to) dozens of Smart Solutions for America’s Economy, Government and Society, nothing is more important than developing and executing Smart Solutions for our Veterans … problems that threaten the health and lives of our most honored citizens. The failure of the Veterans Administration and many of its facilities to care for our Vets is tragic – but not surprising for an organization steeped in bureaucracy. The failure of our President and Congress to solve this problem quickly, effectively and efficiently is unforgivable. Within 24 hours after the VA Nightmare became public two years ago, we published and began promoting an immediate Solution: Up With America urged Congress to write and pass a simple bill that would permit, even encourage, any veteran needing medical attention to visit the doctor, clinic or hospital of their choice without worry about ability to pay, distance to drive or available appointments. UNCLE SAM should pay all bills for ALL veterans for the next 24 months – or for as long as it takes to clean up the VA disaster. PLEASE CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS AND TELL THEM: NO MORE EXCUSES. HELP OUR VETERANS TODAY!
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Please help us restore the principles and honor of our Founders by creating Smart Solutions for Rebuilding America.